Target emplyee group

People a long way away from the regular labour market

Arcor is a bespoke company that provides work and / or training for people who are a long way away from the regular job market.

In this we distinguish 3 groups:

  1. People with a work disability.
  2. People with a psychosocial work restriction.
  3. Extremely vulnerable people.

Persons with a work disability

People with a work disability are employees with a long-term and significant problem of participation in working life that is due to a combination of mental, psychological, physical or sensory disabilities and limitations in carrying out activities as well as personal and external Factors.

People with a psychosocial work restriction

Of course for people with psychosocial work limitations, the combination of psychosocial factors are at the root of their problem.

Extremely vulnerable persons

The extremely vulnerable people are people who have not been in paid employment for at least 24 months prior to their employment for personal reasons that prevent participation in working life.

Arcor provides training and / or employment in an adapted environment and tailored to their needs, wishes and the capabilities of the employee.

Of course, the personal guidance to the target group employees (DGW) aims to help them grow in their capabilities to possibly flow through to the Normal Economic Circuit.

Arcor’s guarantees to its employees:

  1. Useful and rewarding adapted work under expert guidance.
  2. A full income, job satisfaction, social contact...
  3. Internships for students from BUSO and other educational institutions.
  4. If desired, growth opportunities into the Normal Economic Circuit (NEC).