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Do you need an additional work force short or long term?

Then our bespoke company has the solution for you.

We provide the number of people requested to work for you in your company for a short or longer period of time. You can count on their dedication and hard work until the job is completed.

Benefits to you as a customer

  • Very competitive hourly work rate.
  • No need to recruit staff for peak moments only to have to lay them off again afterwards.
  • You save on labour costs, sick days, personnel administration, payroll administration and work-based accidents.
  • We appoint a qualified supervisor for each team, so you do not have to supervise our staff.
  • This ensures quality and service.
  • Your customers will be served faster.
  • You can focus on your core business while we take on all surrounding business.
  • You enjoy very high flexibility, i.e. the required number of employees can be determined on a daily basis.
  • This way you meet your goals for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). You support the social economy in Flanders.

We can place our people at your disposal in a variety of services (cleaning, car wash, tidying, maintenance of squares, sprucing up works, etc...) as well as for production work (outsourcing), in short for jobs for which you would hardly use your own staff if at all.

We bill the hours worked at a predefined rate.

This form of collaboration is set out in the so-called "enterprise contract", which gives our employees the opportunity to move in the normal economic circuit (NEC) and gain experience.