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Arcor aims to deprive its customers of the care of time-consuming, repetitive or unforeseen work, so that they can fully concentrate on their core activity. As a tailor-made company, we offer our customers the opportunity to outsource all or part of their production to us. In this way our clients help to integrate people with an occupational disability in the labor market and in society.


Many companies are struggling with time-consuming and repetitive work. Other companies have to deal with unforeseen increases in work and huge seasonal peaks, which puts them under great time pressure. This in many cases creates stress for their employees, overtime at 200%, employees who report ill or who resign. As a result, they face high overhead costs, shrinking margins and dissatisfied employees.

Arcor is the ideal partner for its clients to deal with these problems temporarily or permanently. Thanks to our flexibility and inventiveness, we can be of service to our customers quickly and punctually: requested today, finished tomorrow and ready. In addition to the production, we also do the entire administrative and logistic handling, the transport to and from your company and the shipment. This way our customers can keep the focus on their core activity.

Corporate social responsibility is our daily reality. As a custom-made company, we pay a great deal of attention to the well-being and training of our employees. We offer the possibility to persons with an occupational disability to, by means of useful, rewarding and individually suitable work, to carry out a professional activity and / or to receive vocational training. This gives them the opportunity to fully integrate into society.


Corporate social responsibility and sustainable enterprise is our priority. The economic, environmental and social considerations are integrated throughout the business. In this respect, the environment is respected not only for the target group, but also for customers and society as a whole.

In the field of staff, the non-discrimination clause is respected, involvement is stimulated with the aim of promoting integration in society, monitoring security and promoting public well-being.

The non-discrimination clause means that Arcor prohibits any form of discrimination on the grounds of the so-called race, origin, birth, national or ethnic origin, color, fortune, age, gender, sexual orientation, civil status. state, the philosophy of life, the political, philosophical, or religious convictions, the past, current or future state of health, a physical characteristic or handicap, and this also with respect to personnel, visitors and customers.

Quality has priority over quantity within Arcor. The search for the perfect balance between social and economic objectives is a permanent goal. Creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders a permanent goal.

Company profile

Arcor is the flexible partner for companies in all branches of industry. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions and total solutions in the field of packaging, textile processing, assembly, assembly, shipping, storage and transport. Arcor services are an essential and permanent part of their production process for many customers.


Arcor reports annually on the basis of a sustainability report on business operations. The sustainability report includes an explanation of:

  • the company's policy, strategy and organizational profile;
  • management, governance and democratic decision-making within the company;
  • the involvement, the supervision, the supervised employment in the enclave, the training, the sustainable careers and the flow of employees;
  • the environmental impact of business operations;
  • the social embedding of the company;
  • the economic and financial performance.

Below you will find the sustainability reports from the 2016 operating year: