IT Policy

By the end of 2013, we decided to go for Microsoft's cloud solution Office 365. This allows work from any location, any time, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone).
In addition, we can easily share documents and sites with our customers and partners. This easily facilitates data exchange.
We use our local servers for archiving, backup and for very large data files.
With O365 we have an extensive bundle of programs:

  1. Email (50 GB mailbox per user)
  2. Agenda
  3. Contact people
  4. Yammer (chat platform)
  5. News feed
  6. OneDrive (1 Terabyte per user storage in the cloud)
  7. SharePoint (Collaboration platform for documents, lists, calendars, workflows…)
  8. Planner (project planning)
  9. Tasks (task planning)
  10. Delve (follow-up)
  11. Video (Video Library)
  12. Word
  13. Excel
  14. PowerPoint
  15. OneNote
  16. Sway (online presentation tool)
  17. PowerApps (creating apps)
  18. Flow (personal workflows)
  19. Teams (collaborating in specific teams)
  20. Dynamics 365 (CRM)
  21. Control and Security