Arcor features:

  • 7000 m² of business space equipped with state-of-the-art machines that allow us to deliver the following work quickly, flexibly and in high quality method: packaging, assembling, gluing, mounting, heading, shrink wrapping, blistering, palletising etc.
  • Easy access ramp and parking for heavy freight. Several Lorries at the same time can wait in the parking lot until they can be loaded or unloaded.
  • A comfortable loading dock where 3 trucks can be loaded or unloaded at the same time.
  • An industrial load ramp.
  • Large warehouses for storage of goods.
  • Own means of transport.
  • The required forklift trucks.

The target group employees have:

  • Two spacious workshops.
  • A staff entrance with a ramp.
  • In each department there are cordless phones.
  • A spacious refectory with a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Drinks and snack vending machine.
  • A first aid room for primary care.
  • Spacious accessible parking spaces.
  • Two spacious bicycle and moped storage areas.
  • Spacious covered terrace where the target group employees can enjoy themselves during the breaks.
  • A minibus for the transport of target group employees.
  • The necessary adapted materials and tools.
  • Everyone has his own locker for storing clothes and personal items.
  • Separate toilets for men and women.
  • The workshops are spacious, optimally illuminated and aired so that everyone can work in optimal conditions.