Our history

The bespoke company ARCOR vzw was founded on 8.11.1966 as a sheltered workshop ‘Vreugdevol’ (‘Joyful’) vzw (B.S. 22.12.1966).

At a meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly of 14 May 2008, a change of name was made which enhanced the industrial character. The Work Reintegration Centre Ronse (ARCOR) replaced the previous name "Joyful". The value for the work provided by the employees and the better wording for the mission also played a part in this.

With its many years of experience, Arcor vzw in Ronse has grown into a dynamic and versatile bespoke company. Bespoke companies are organisations that provide tailor-made work to people who, for one reason or another, have been removed from employment in an ordinary company. In addition to tailor-made work, they provide responsible guidance on and around the work floor, social-emotional and career support, with the ultimate goal of moving them into the regular work circuit. The sheltered workshop has now grown into a fully-fledged industrial supply company employing people with work limitations as a target group employee population. For the description of the target group, we refer to the Decree of the Flemish Government concerning the professional integration of people with a work disability, which forms part of the staff regulations.

With the introduction of the Decree of Corporate Social Assistance of 12.07.2013, all sheltered workshops were transformed into bespoke companies. For example, the sheltered workshop at Ronse with its more than 6,800 m² has become a modernized bespoke company that meets the wishes and requirements of the customers professionally and creatively. A professional team guides the 120 employees in their daily work.