Environmental Policy

Arcor continually takes into account environmental improvements.

Green power

Arcor started on 28/08/08 with one of the largest greenhouse projects in Belgium!

Former Flemish Minister of Mobility, Social Economy and Equal Opportunities Kathleen Van Brempt switched on the 1,530 photovoltaic panels on our roof on 28/08/08.

The solar panels cover an area of ​​6,850 square meters and supply 247,000 Kwh of green energy annually, which gives enough power for about 100 families.

The amount of energy consumed is greater than what we need. The surplus is sold to the electricity supplier.

The full project costs 1.4 million euros. "Arcor shows that industrial activity and ecology can work together perfectly," says the minister. "The Ministry of Social Economy has already reserved 4 million euros for sheltered and social workplaces wanting to invest in environmentally friendly innovation projects."

Heating audit

In 2016, we conducted a complete heating audit. After the necessary adjustments to pipes, pumps, burners, we have noted that we have already consumed 30% less oil. The cost of the audit and the adjustments will be fully reimbursed in just one and a half years.

Lighting Audit

In 2017 we will carry out a similar audit to lighting equipment. Ultimately, we will replace all current high-power lamps with energy-saving LED lamps. Here too, a significant investment is involved, but this will be fully repaid in a year and a half.