Assembly of wood and metal products

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We assemble a whole range of products consisting of very diverse materials, such as metal, wood, hard plastic, cables, etc.
Thus we assemble all garden wood, garden structures, garden screens, etc.
The focus is currently on the installation of trailers with a European certificate.

Assembling trailers

Prices: from 580 € (incl. VAT)


Current price list
Overview of the models

Standard models available from stock:

  • Single Axle of 200x130 / 220x130 / 258x130 / 258x150 (Option approved tippable drawbar to 750kg)
  • double axles of 220x130 / 258x130 / 258x150 / 300x130
  • Aluminium plateau above the wheels (BBWO) 260x150x30 / 300x150x30-260x150x30 tipper with hand pump


  • Hot galvanized chassis
  • Removable ladder rack
  • Side panels and floorboards in 12 mm waterproof panels
  • European-approved V-drawbar
  • Torsion axles of 1050 kg with 8 ball bearings per axle
  • French inspection 750 kg


  • Power wrenches
  • Pneumatic screwdrivers
  • Drilling machines
  • Drill columns.

Small businesses

We also deliver to small businesses. Collection in Ronse is possible. Cash payment is required.






  • Assembly of garden timber, garden screens, garden structures, etc.
  • Assembly of transport boxes according to customer's plan (with logo engraving).
  • Assembly of wooden displays according to the client's model (with logo engraving).
  • Mounting and covering of built-in boxes for speakers.


  • Lasercutter
  • Wood mill
  • Panel saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Automatic drill