Is your company dealing with elevated production costs? Are you paying expensive staff to execute time-consuming manual operations? Are you facing seasonal peaks, causing stress, double overtime payments and high rates of sickleave? If so, you must absolutely consider partnering up with us. As a tailor-made company, we offer you the opportunity to outsource your production in whole or in part, temporarily or permanently.

You can rely on Arcor for manual work, packaging, textile processing, assembly, shipping, storage and transportation.

Arcor is a flexible partner for companies in all branches of industry. We think along with our customers and try to counter any problem with a tailor-made solution. This is our strength. This is where we make the difference.

Contact details
Ninovestraat 106, 9600 Ronse.
Tel: +32 (0) 55 21 45 33
Fax: +32 (0) 55 21 02 57
Dep. No. BE 0410.962.274

Opening hours
Monday to Thursday from 8am to 4.30pm.
Friday 8am to 3.45pm.

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We reduce your costs

Due to a limited cost structure and substantial government support, we can work at a very competitive price.

Flexible and punctual

Through flexible planning, we can ensure focused and punctual work for every customer: order today, delivery tomorrow.

Practical and inventive

As no two customers are the same, it is necessary to have a high standard of creativity, which we have in abundance through many years of experience.

Sustained social policy

Unlike any other regular company, Arcor, as a bespoke company, devotes particular attention to the welfare of its employees

High service quality

Everyone delivers a certain quality but at Arcor we can also prove this. Since 2010, we have the ESF quality label, which is lightly handed out.

Perfect customer service

We exceed your expectations by also taking on all administration and logistics.

Lean management

Through a partnership with Deloitte Consulting, all front desk workers are trained in the principles of lean.

Environmentally conscious and sustainable

Since 2008, Arcor has developed a green streamed project with 6,850 square meters of solar panels. We hereby gain 247,000 Kwh of green energy annually.

Cloud service

Arcor uses Microsoft's Office 365 cloud technology to streamline all its administrative processes. You are offered to use it too.